Graph Invariant Networks Icml Talk

Written on July 16, 2019

Yaron Lipman, Weizmann Institute of Science

A talk by Yaron lipman at the Learning and Reasoning with Graph Structured Representations workshop at ICML 2019, summarizing the papers below.


Maron et al., 2019a) Maron, H., Ben-Hamu, H., Shamir, N., and Lipman, Y. (2019a). Invariant and equivariant graph networks. In International Conference on Learning Representations.

(Maron et al., 2019b) Maron, H., Fetaya, E., Segol, N., and Lipman, Y. (2019b). On the universality of invariant networks. In International conference on machine learning.

(Maron et al., 2019c) Maron, H., Ben-Hamu, H., Serviansky, H., and Lipman, Y. (2019c). Provably powerful graph networks. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.